How To Work With Me

How to work with Tri It Your Way Multisport Coaching

The Athlete Assessment

Many athletes have past injuries, imbalances, weaknesses, and/or areas of decreased mobility. Some of these things you may be aware of, or you may have a sense that something is not working "right."

In order to fix these deficiencies, you need to know what they are, and how to fix them!  These are the questions we answer in the athlete assessment and follow up sessions. By knowing what areas you need to address, you can increase efficiency, decrease injury risk, improve performance and keep yourself active in your sport(s) for the long term.

The Athlete Assessment is a comprehensive, full body strength & mobility assessment. Swim/Bike/Run video analysis is also included as an important piece of the whole picture.

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Technique, Skills & Form Sessions

Technique and efficiency are key in swimming, biking and running. Often 2-3 sessions can greatly improve your performance, just by improving efficiency, skills and confidence.

I work with beginner to advanced athletes in focused 1:1, 2:1 and small group sessions, where we look specifically at what you can do to improve performance.

These sessions are individualized based on what is most needed for you as an athlete. Some athletes come with specific questions or requests, and some athletes are not sure what they need, but they know they need help! For this reason, the first session includes an assessment, so you know you will be getting the most out of your time, energy and investment.

Pricing is for 1:1 Sessions. For 2:1 or small group pricing, contact me by filling out this form.

First Session: $250

  • Our first session includes an assessment of the technique and fitness improvements that we can take advantage of. You'll walk away with more knowledge of HOW you can make those improvements, as well as skills/drills that you can use to make gains.

Subsequent Sessions: $150

  • In these sessions, we look at improvements made since our first session and build on those for continued progress and performance improvements.

Among the skills that we can cover:

  • Open Water Swim (stroke/technique, open water skills, sighting, swimming a straight line, breathing, pacing, race strategy)
  • Bike Skills (shifting, climbing, handling, control, balance, speedwork, pacing, race strategy)
  • Run (technique, strength/stability, pacing, speedwork)
  • Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Athletes - sport specific strength and conditioning to prepare you for the demands of your sport(s)
    *Please note that sessions that are more than 10 miles from Exeter, NH will have an additional charge added

group events

These events are best for athletes who are looking to sharpen their swim, bike or run skills in a group environment.

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Customized Coaching Program

This program is best if you want training that is highly customized to your needs, current fitness level, and performance goals.

I work with each athlete to create an individualized training roadmap for success by placing a strong emphasis on communication and attention to your unique needs.

Success is different for every athlete, and each program is customized to fit your specific needs and goals. However, there are some common processes we will work through together:

  • Set manageable yet challenging performance goals
  • Pinpoint strengths and advantages
  • Determine limiters and obstacles
  • Prioritize key focus areas in training
  • Strongly emphasize coach/athlete communication
  • Analyze and adjust as training progresses and life happens

Starting at $325/4 weeks

Coaching spots are limited for this program and I often have a waitlist. Contact me by clicking the button below if you are interested in coaching when I have a spot open up!

Our initial discussion ...

... of what I wanted out of coaching was really constructive – it helped me to frame my thoughts and goals. She asked the right questions to figure out what kind of coaching style I wanted and followed through on it.

- adam vacarro

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