How To Work With Me

How to work with Tri It Your Way Multisport Coaching

1:1 coaching

This program is best if you want training that is highly customized to your needs, current fitness level, and performance goals.

I work with each athlete to create an individualized training roadmap for success by placing a strong emphasis on communication and attention to your unique needs.

Success is different for every athlete, and each program is customized to fit your specific needs and goals. However, there are some common processes we will work through together:

  • Set manageable yet challenging performance goals
  • Pinpoint strengths and advantages
  • Determine limiters and obstacles
  • Prioritize key focus areas in training
  • Strongly emphasize coach/athlete communication
  • Analyze and adjust as training progresses and life happens

Starting at $325/4 weeks

Schedule a free consultation to see if 1:1 coaching is right for you.

group programs

This is best for the athlete who wants a quality training program, access to a coach for questions, live group training, and a community of athletes who are working toward similar goals.

This program includes:

  • Beginner or Intermediate training programs for Sprint & Olympic Distances
  • Private Facebook group for resources, questions,
    guidance, support and community
  • Weekly Q&A with Coach Anne
  • 4 live video trainings (recorded & available to re-watch)
    o Tri Training: How to follow (& adjust) training plan, + what gear and technology do I need?
    o Hydration & Nutrition
    o Racing 101: Swim, Bike, Run & Transition
    o Mental Strategies for Resilience and Confidence
  • Access to resource portal including: Transition/race packing checklist, nutrition/hydration information, bike skills/safety, run skills, swim skills, transition skills & more
  • Discounts on consultations with Coach Anne, clinics, and events

For more details, check out our



Starting at $397/12 weeks

consultations, skills sessions, video analysis

Technique and efficiency are key in swimming, biking and running.

I offer limited consultations for athletes who prefer to train on your own, but need help with:

  • Strategy/planning a season
  • Swim, bike, or run technique and skills
  • Mental strengths assessment & strategy session
  • Female-specific nutrition and training considerations for pre-, peri-, and  post-menopausal women
Our initial discussion ...

... of what I wanted out of coaching was really constructive – it helped me to frame my thoughts and goals. She asked the right questions to figure out what kind of coaching style I wanted and followed through on it.

- adam vacarro

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